Updated 12-30-2022

Michigan Reads is a functional gateway for independent authors to be found under a simple searching series of pages. During December 2022 the site was tested on multiple platforms to determine traffic and readability. In January 2023 the authors will meet and discuss ideas, results, and how the site will progress in the future as well as a national alternative that is cost effective for indie and self published authors.

The goal of this site is to allow select Michigan authors the ability to showcase their works in a controlled environment. The list of writers will grow as the site grows and it is expected this may eventually connect the multitude of Michigan Authors with fun readers from Michigan and around the world.

Stage One will allow select Authors to showcase their books with links to external retailers. This will be completed in January 2023.Stage One is Complete but not as automated as necessary. I am waiting on a new timeline.

Stage One Addition – Authors will begin to be added manually. If you would like to be considered please click here.

Stage Two will be to automate the selection process and improve metrics. Although timing has been moved this is still in line for April.

Stage Three will be to create a pseudo social network available for Michigan authors and readers not dictated by over controlled social networks and algorithms.

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